Have you not found yourself? Never mind. Choose from Top 10 most important reasons to visit Karlovy Vary.

Party boys & girls

Do you want to spend a day or two or even a whole week with your friends and fully enjoy it? Do you want to know every day something different and really memorable? Look at 10 reasons why you should visit Karlovy Vary.

Are you planning with your friends / girl friends (advantage in English in one word) go for hike and want to relax a bit? Karlovy Vary offers dozens of real wellness packages that will help you recharge your energy. Whether before challenging party, after it, or perhaps just because you deserve it ...
Make a photo with friends in front of one of the beautiful buildings at the Colonnade? And what about pictures, when you are tasting one of the 15 springs :)
Traditional Czech liqueur is sometimes counted as one of the springs produced since 1807. On purpose, who knows all the 20 herbs that are hidden in a secret family recipe for the production of Becherovka?
Hundreds of actors and directors, a plethora of interesting films that you will never see in the multiplex, dozens of world premieres. And most importantly: unreal atmosphere of thousands of spectators every year, who are going to Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Who did not experience it, could not understand ...
The biggest Czech glassworks Moser since 1893 supplies to the world with luxurious crystal glassware. Visit the extraordinary tour and learn how to make traditional glass, which has its place at many royal tables all over the world.
Do not worry, it is not haunted place here. In Karlovy Vary underground you can see with your own eyes during the excursion, from where rise the famous mineral springs, which are probably the most typical for our city.
Popular race on the 21,097 meters. Overcome your personal record or simply "just" run your next half marathon, this time in stunning environment of spa town.
And what would it be men's or girls' night out without nightlife? Karlovy Vary is by the way a place full of various bars, clubs, restaurants and a cafés. Experience Karlovy Vary to the fullest!
Recreation ground Rolava is the right place for your physical activities. In-line track, swimming pool, playground, 4 tennis courts, giant chess and much more. Everything you need you can borrow directly on spot.
And how do you get to Karlovy Vary? You can get here from Prague airport by car for less than an hour and a half. Or from the Prague city center by bus for about 2 hours.
Have you not found yourself? Never mind. Choose from Top 10 most important reasons to visit Karlovy Vary.

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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