Have you not found yourself? Never mind. Choose from Top 10 most important reasons to visit Karlovy Vary.

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Do you want to see the most famous places or to know the secret nooks into which ordinary tourists can not reach during your spa stay in Karlovy Vary? Save time and calmly examine the 10 places that you definitely should not miss.

Visit Karlovy Vary and do not walk along the Colonnade? That would be almost impossible. Stop for a moment on the spot with the highest concentration of natural springs in the world.
Every drop of water, which you taste, fell from the rainclouds hundreds of years ago. And in that time healing minerals really had a lot of work to do. Get to know the effects of local mineral water tested since 1350.
Karlovy Vary is not only a showcase of beautiful architecture for tourists. Do you know where the locals go? The go to the spa woods. Meditate surrounded by nature. Alone, with friends or family.
Experience the atmosphere of the original glass works, which master glassmakers founded more than a century and half. With your own eyes you will see a unique hand-making magic crystal glass Moser.
Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic is known as an important cultural center. Listen to the tunes played by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, or visit one of the theaters in Karlovy Vary.
Jan Becher Museum tour will take you into the secrets of the production of traditional Czech liqueur made from over 20 herbs. Taste the Czech family silver produced since 1807.
Colonnade in Karlovy Vary city center is known by almost everyone, but what about an excursion to see underground itself, where thermal water rises? Save some time during your spa stay and visit this truly unusual place.
Take the cable car directly from the Grandhotel Pupp on the youngest but the most famous Karlovy Vary lookout tower Diana. You will see a unique panorama of the spa town.
Just 20 km from Karlovy Vary stands originally a Gothic castle from the early 14th century. Today it stands near the magnificent Baroque castle with the reliquary of St. Maur from the 13th century, which is comparable in value with the Czech crown jewels!
Karlovy Vary offers more than ten public municipal parks, orchards and gardens that can serve to well deserved relaxation in the middle of the program of each spa guest.
Have you not found yourself? Never mind. Choose from Top 10 most important reasons to visit Karlovy Vary.

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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