Have you not found yourself? Never mind. Choose from Top 10 most important reasons to visit Karlovy Vary.

Family on a trip

You are planning a sightseeing trip for your family? Maybe you did not even think how interesting, instructive and accessible places offers Karlovy Vary. Entertainment, learning, nature, monuments. Everyone can choose what they like. Look at 10 reasons why Karlovy Vary is an ultimate aim for family holiday.

Stroll through a sophisticated system of bridges that allows you to look from heights of up to 6 meters and observe seventy hectares large field inhabited by living animals.
The most famous pictures of Karlovy Vary come precisely from the city center. Introduce to your family the beauties of spa architecture and taste each of the 15 springs.
Mentioned colonnades in the middle of Karlovy Vary is known by almost everyone, but what about an excursion to see underground itself, where thermal water rises? Do not forget to visit with your family this unusual place.
Year-round thermal pool with sauna world and restaurant. The ideal place for family fun or a romantic place for two. You will be captivated by its visit at any time of the year, whatever the weather.
The most famous lookout tower offers amazing views and also have a private tropical garden with dozens of species of butterflies from around the world. The biggest ones have wingspan up to 20 cm. Do not forget your camera!
Who says that Christmas atmosphere can be experienced only in December, has never been in Karlovy Vary. On the manor Doubí can be seen year-round exhibition of Christmas decorations. In Angel Cafe do not forget to taste little candies or perhaps a Christmas cake..
Karlovy Vary is not only a showcase of beautiful architecture for tourists. Do you know where the locals go? The go to the spa woods. Meditate surrounded by nature. Alone, with friends or family.
Do you want to take your family on a bicycle trip? In Karlovy Vary and its surroundings are prepared for you a hundred kilometers of bike paths. Explore valley of Eger river, Ore Mountains, visit castles or even family breweries.
242 passable kilometers of the 4th longest Czech river? Welcome to canoeing trail of Eger river. So get into boats and say Hello!
Romanesque-Gothic castle from the early 12th century, the family brewery Florian or famous natural amphitheater. You should not forget about these places, if you visit Karlovy Vary Region. And because it is located only 14 km from the Karlovy Vary city center.
Have you not found yourself? Never mind. Choose from Top 10 most important reasons to visit Karlovy Vary.

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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