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4. 6. 2013 |

The International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary has been held regularly since 1946. The Festival has been named as A-festival, which ranks it amongst the most distinguished and best international festivals.

The Festival has gone through all historical periods since its foundation as well as the whole Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic. The communist regime had used it to its propaganda. After its fall, The Festival was endangered and almost fell into the abyss of history. And finally, The Festival has been saved with the help of the Karlovy Vary City, Ministry of Culture and Grandhotel Pupp. The well-known Czech actor Jiří Bartoška has been The President of this festival since 1993. The Programme Director is Eva Zaoralová. Above all, these two names have contributed to the quality and growth of The Festival and classify it as one of the distinguished cultural events in the beginning of summer.


Every year, many notable names of the silver screen attend The Festival. Miloš Forman, Robert de Niro, John Travolta, Oliver Stone, Alan Alda, Michael Douglas, Steve Buscemi and Salma Hayek. These names are just a part of the list of famous guests in past years.

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