Traffic in Karlovy Vary

Entry and parking of vehicles in the city centre

In order to ensure that Karlovy Vary preserves its unique spa town atmosphere, visitors and inhabitants are requested to observe the regulated traffic regime in the central spa zone, which limits the entry and parking of vehicles in the city centre. Each entry point to the spa zone is delimited by the "NO ENTRY" traffic sign, which is accompanied by the "MIMO VOZIDEL S POVOLENÍM A PO ZAPLACENÍ POPLATKU NA MĚSTSKÉ POLICII" (except for the cars with permission and against payment to the Town police) sign or other information signs. Parking areas and garages located along the edge of the spa zone offer suitable parking for vehicles.

Parking your vehicle at the designated parking areas or garages is an elegant way of avoiding vehicle tow away, parking boots, or fines for unauthorized entry in the spa zone, and it spares you from getting lost in the network of one-way streets.

Single entry to the spa zone is permitted to spa guests for the purpose of unloading or loading their luggage on the date of arrival or departure. Upon request, spa guests are required to present a written confirmation of their stay (hotel reservation). The single-entry permit does not allow long-term parking (outside the hotel car park).


Entry to the spa zone for other purposes requires a one-day entry permit, which is issued for a fee at the headquarters of the Karlovy Vary Municipal Police.

Karlovy Vary Municipal Police
Moskevská 34
36001 Karlovy Vary
Tel: 353 118 917 

Leave your vehicle at any of the numerous parking areas. Your considerateness towards the spa zone of Karlovy Vary will be paid off by a pleasant atmosphere undisturbed by road traffic.

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