Walking Tour 9

Pond by the Malé Versailles (Small Versailles) Restaurant, Chamois Statue

Duration2 500 m
Ascent85 m
Sestup70 m
Time40 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)687 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)787 kJ

Pond by the Malé Versailles (Small Versailles) Restaurant

Walk to the right along the edge of the woods and then turn left to the gently climbing Fibichova pěšina (Fibich's Foot Path) towards the Myslivna (Gamekeeper's Lodge) Sanatorium. From there, head left up the moderately ascending path to the Jelení Skok (Deer Jump) Restaurant, continue through the serpentines around the Chamois Statue almost to the edge of the woods. Turn left to Jubilejní stezka (Jubilee Path) until you reach Sovova stezka (Sovov's Path) where you will turn right and descend towards Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill).

Malé Versailles (Small Versailles) Restaurant

The building is a replica of the original structure from the late 18th century. It is one of the oldest inns in Karlovy Vary. In 1820, it was visited by German poet and writer J. W. Goethe. Today, the Small Versailles Restaurant offers an abundant selection of dishes of both Czech and international cuisine.

Chamois Statue

The original statue was created in 1851 by Berlin sculptor August Kiss. The statue was installed on the rock formation overlooking the town upon the order of Baron Lützow who intended to mock the fabled tale of the discovery of the hot spring. According to legend, the site was called Pod Jelením skokem (Below the Deer Jump). The Chamois statue was destroyed by vandals in 1984. Its copy was made from bronze by local sculptor Jan Kotek in 1986.

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