Walking Tour 10

Pond by the Malé Versailles Restaurant

Duration4 100 m
Ascent100 m
Sestup120 m
Time65 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)1 017 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)1 164 kJ

Pond by the Malé Versailles Restaurant

Walk by the Malé Versailles (Small Versailles) Restaurant to Křižíkova Street. From there, walk up Nerudova stezka (Neruda's Path) to Lesovna Diana (Diana Forester's Lodge), continue along Lesmistrova cesta (Forestmaster's Path) to Svahová Street and then up Třída T. G. Masaryka (T. G. Masaryk Avenue) to the Main Post Office.

Spa walks are beneficial not only for spa guests, but also for other visitors and the inhabitants of Karlovy Vary. The old Latin proverb men sana in corpore sano, i.e. a healthy mind in a healthy body, proves true also today for it is namely in nature where we should seek physical and mental harmony.

In case of bad weather, you may seek refuge in Fibich's Arbour near Lesovna Diana (Diana Forester's Lodge).

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