Walking Tour 3

Art Gallery

Duration2 850 m
Ascent20 m
Time45 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)561 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)636 kJ

Art Gallery

Walk up the gently climbing Dvořákova pěšina (Dvořák's Foot Path) above the open-air cinema and continue through the woods along Odpolední cesta (Afternoon Path). After reaching the forester's lodge, continue down the lower branch of the path towards the tennis courts and then walk along the Teplá River to Toscana, the Poštovní dvůr (Post Court) and Galerie umění (Art Gallery).

Art Gallery

The building of Galerie umění (Art Gallery) was built in 1912 by architect Professor Seitz. It was originally constructed for the Chamber of Trades in Cheb to display various products and merchandise. It has been housing the town's art gallery since 1953. In the vicinity, you may find Friedrich Schiller's monument erected in 1909. The Art Nouveau stone relief was designed by architect F. Ohmann and it was carved into stone by Max Hiller. In the park adjoining the open-air cinema, you may find a monument installed in honour of Czech music composer Bedřich Smetana in 1949. It is the work of sculptor J. Wagner.

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