Walking Tour 13

Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill), Stará Louka (Old Meadow) Funicular, Diana Observation Tower

Duration2 400 m
Ascent130 m
Time40 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)808 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)925 kJ

Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill)

Walk up Sovova stezka (Sova's Path) to the upper edge of the meadow above Křižíkova Street. Turn left and continue up along Chata Lesní pobožnosti (Forest Devotion Lodge) and Chata Přátelství (Friendship Lodge) to the Diana Observation Tower (funicular station).

Stará Louka (Old Meadow) Funicular

The funicular with its upper terminal station at Výšina přátelství (Friendship Height) is 451.60 metres long (measured along the gradient) and it started operating on 5 August 1912 during the heyday of the spa. It was designed by renowned mountain railway expert H. H. Peter from Zurich, Switzerland. Before the funicular was built, spa guests used to travel up the steep hills surrounding Karlovy Vary in donkey-driven carts or directly on the donkeys' backs.

Diana Observation Tower

The Diana Observation Tower is 35 m high and its construction was completed in 1914. Despite being originally named the Friendship Observation Tower, it has gradually become known as the Diana.

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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