Walking Tour 14

Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill)

Duration4 400 m
Ascent85 m
Sestup100 m
Time75 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)1 025 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)1 172 kJ

Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill)

Go up Sovova stezka (Sova's Path) along the Myslivna (Gamekeeper's Lodge) Sanatorium towards Lesovna Diana (Diana Forester's Lodge) and continue to the Svatý Linhart (Saint Linhart) Restaurant. Turn right behind the restaurant and walk to the crossroads of forest paths. Turn left at the crossroads and walk all the way to the Railway Station in Doubí.

In the vicinity of the Saint Linhart Restaurant, you may find ruins of buildings of the former village of Obora (Thiergarten/Game Preserve) that had once been a part of the royal hunting district of Loket Castle. The Church of Saint Linhart, the ruins of which may be also found in the area, was consecrated on 1246. Over time, the villagers left the village to live in the new town of Wary founded by the thermal springs. The history of the site is kept alive by the Saint Linhart Restaurant.

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