Hemp bath

A therapeutic bath in pure hemp oil is recommended to clients with a dry, rough and little-scales-skin with athopic eczema or psoriasis display. The hemp bath renews, softens and calms lipide skin film. The remaining ingredients - glycerine, Dead Sea salt and lavender – ensure a relaxing effect. Water temperature is 35 - 39°C.

We recommend a hemp bath:

  • To clients with a dry skin.
  • To clients suffering from eczema, psoriasis.

Hemp baths are not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

It has a beneficial effect on

The hemp bath will make your skin feel soft and healthy, and bring about a sense of total release.

How do we provide a hemp bath?

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the room with the spa bath tub, undresses and gets in the tub. The treatment takes 15 minutes. Afterwards, the spa attendant helps the client exit the tub, provides a bed sheet, which the client can use as a dry wrap to relax briefly on a recovery bed. Clients with immobile conditions must be accompanied.

Duration of treatment: 15 minutes + relaxation 
Hemp baths are freely available (no prescription necessary).

Source: http://www.spa5.cz

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