Elisabeth Spa

Elizabeth Bath can offer the largest range of the spa treatments including some news.

Elizabeth Bath is one of the most beautiful architectonical historical buildings. It is situated in the centre of the town and surrounded by a calm historical park with sparkling fountain in its middle.

The Elizabeth Baths were established in 1906 and named after the Empress Elizabeth, known as Sissi. This representative building served to spa purposes from the very beginning. It continues a very successful and long spa tradition in the heart of Europe even today.

Elizabeth Bath can offer the largest range of the spa treatments including some news. It uses natural curative sources of the Carlsbad region. It offers a range of rehabilitation treatments and, at present very popular relax, beauty and wellness treatments. Elizabeth Baths is the biggest consumer of the hot mineral water in the town (20% of the total quantity).

Curative resources power hand in hand with profesionality of the staff guaranties a high quality of the spa care.

At your disposal

  • Outpatient rehabilitation
    Curative rehabilitation for patients based on the recommendation of a specialist or general practitioner.
  • Examination by spa physician
    Initial examination - specification of procedures and drinking program Control examination.
  • Direct sale of procedures
    Freely salable procedures, procedures on medical prescription
  • Swimming pool area 
  • Social hall and gym hall rent

Opening hours - reception

Monday 08.00 19.00
Tuesday 08.00 19.00
Wednestay 08.00 19.00
Thursday 08.00 19.00
Friday 08.00 19.00
Saturday 09.00 19.00
Sunday 10.00 17.00


tel: +420 353 304 211
mail: info@spa5.cz
web: www.spa5.cz/en

Smetanovy sady 1145/1, 360 01, Karlovy Vary

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