Beer bath with aeromassage

After bathing in beer bath, you will feel the desired effects: your skin will be velvety smooth and hair silky at touch. This is thanks to the water solution of this truly lively, unfiltered beer saturated with proteins, carbohydrates, an entire spectrum of amino acids and vitamins (mainly of the B group), organic acids and elements (iron, potassium, and others).

It has a beneficial effect on

  • The warm beer solution, which is carbonated, cleanses the skin, open pores, and drains toxins from the body, as well as providing the organism with all of the beneficial elements found in the beer. 
  • It massages the entire body, eliminates muscle tension, and warms the joints.
  • Heart activity, as well as the activity of the entire circulatory system, is improved.
  • Aero-massage improves the regeneration of the skin and increases its elasticity, it aids in slimming processes, regulates excessive sweating, normalises arterial blood pressure and has positive effects on sexual performance.
  • It thus harmonises the functioning of the entire organism, renews one's vitality, and strengthens immunity.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes


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