Walking Tour 22


Duration850 m
Ascent106 m
Sestup0 m
Time80 min

From the Moskevská stop on the Bus No. 2 route in Tuhnice you set out along Brožíkova Street to the forest and then up “to the sky” along the route named V Rokli as far as to
the fork in the road where the Rohanova path crosses your way. The route from the Pine Log House is the steepest. The path crosses routes 10 and 11. It serves especially as
a short cut or another connection to other routes. 

The massive source of water („Napajedla“) served the former farm in Tuhnice, for giving to cattle. Later the spring was included in the network of forest water conduits. Now
Carlsbad is connected to the central water source (Stanovice). Water from the former water tanks flows out freely and since the Tuhnice water is excellent to taste, more and more people use it as drinking water. However, the source is not protected against pollution.

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