Walking Tour 20

Pond by the Malé Versailles Restaurant, U Obrazu (By the Picture) Lodge

Duration5 000 m
Ascent150 m
Sestup180 m
Time80 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)1 319 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)1 503 kJ

Pond by the Malé Versailles Restaurant

Walk past the Malé Versailles (Small Versailles) Street to Křižíkova Street, climb up Nerudova stezka (Neruda's Path) to Lesovna Diana (Diana Forester's Lodge) and continue along Sovova stezka (Sova's Path). Turn left in front of the forest nursery and walk up the forest path to the "U Obrazu" (By the Picture) crossroads. Turn left at the crossroads and walk down the gently descending slope to the water treatment plant above Březová. From there, descend steeply to Mariánskolázeňská Road and continue through Ke Střelnici Street, then walk along the Starý Mlýn (Old Mill) Restaurant and Pension to the terminal stop of the Karlovy Vary – Březová bus line.

U Obrazu (By the Picture) Lodge

The lodge was built by the town in 1894 and it was named after the holy picture installed on one of the nearby trees. An altar was erected in 1900 and you may also admire a picture of the Virgin Mary with the Hot Spring.

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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