Mozart Park

Municipal park

Location: Behind the Church of St. Andrew northeast above the centre of Karlovy Vary
Date of foundation: 1913
Architect: Unknown
Official opening: 1913
Accessibility: Freely accessible

How to get there

Route 1: You may reach Mozart Park at the Church of St. Andrew if you walk from the Hot Spring in the spa centre along the right bank of the Teplá River and continue up the steep Ondřejská (Andrew’s) Street. The short but steep walk with a big elevation gain is about 600 metres long and it will take you about fifteen minutes.

Route 2: If you decide for the second route, travel by Bus No. 2, Bus No. 7, Bus No. 8 or Bus No. 13 from the "Tržnice" (Market) city bus terminal  two stops to the "U Jara" stop. From there, continue for about 150 metres down Ondřejská Street to the park behind the Church of St. Andrew.

History of the site

The cemetery at the Church of Saint Andrew northeast of the centre of Karlovy Vary had been in service until 1864 when a new cemetery was opened in Drahovice. Shortly after that, the local cemetery with 76 graves lost its significance and purpose, as a result, it gradually decayed and was finally shut down in 1911. In 1913, the area of the former cemetery behind the Church of St. Andrew was converted into a municipal park, which was later named Mozartův park (Mozart Park).

Empire and Biedermeier tombstones of prominent personages from the 18th and 19th centuries may still be found on the park grounds. While visiting the all year long freely accessible park, you may see the tombstones of prominent personages, such as composer and pianist Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's son), distinguished Berlin architect Friedrich Gilly, Karlovy Vary book printer and publisher Franz Franieck, Karlovy Vary spa physician and Hippocrates David Becher and outstanding Karlovy Vary spa physician Jean de Carro.


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Mozart Park

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