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  • 4 thematic routes (Sightseeing, Excursion, Spring, Experience)
  • Download offline version - free of charge
  • The app automatically alerts you when you are near a place of interest
  • Spa walks - divided by difficulty

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Karlovy Vary has its own audio guide, erasing its conservative mark…

Karlovy Vary now offers a smart audio guide called Smart Guide, which contains thematic routes that take you throughout the entire town. Until now, Karlovy Vary was primarily presented using its conservative spa history, and the attempt to break out of this box was the main motivation for creating this guide. How does the audio guide work, and what does it offer to both visitors and locals?

Vary has its own metro!

With the Smart Guide app, you will now be able to go outside of the spa town centre, and with the help of this world-class audio guide, you will discover the beauty of lesser-known sites and monuments. This unique project, carrying the symbolic name of VARY°Metro, consists of four specially designed trails through the city, like that of the Prague Metro. The routes are created according to a specific theme that links the sites. Here, you will find the routes HISTORY, SPRINGS, NATURE, and LEISURE. Each trail is intuitive, based on your position, but there is no need to strictly adhere to it.

Are you planning an entire day in Vary, and are you interested more in nature? Then you can head out on the NATURE trail and let yourself be guided all day long. Are you coming to town on a business trip and will stay only for one night? Just turn on your app on the way from the hotel to the restaurant, and with the help of special notices, it will point out sites of interest in your surroundings.

Spa walks

These routes also serve visitors for their better orientation on their therapeutic outings. Their difficulty level is symbolised by the colours of traffic lights. They are categorised according to the difficulty of the terrain, as well as the length of the route.

The new UNESCO Trail

This route was created in reaction to the inscription of 11 European spa towns on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Karlovy Vary is one of the towns that has something to offer. The largest, most appealing, as well as the most renowned sites and monuments of the town are found on this trail.

Good company on your wanders

The aim of the app is not to force you to take one route from start to finish, but rather to show you as much as possible of the town during your visit in a pleasant way, providing information and trivia with ease. It is then up to you to choose what theme and stops you will visit. Wherever you are in Vary, the app is with you and immediately informs you. It will not let you be idle, but it will allow you to put it into your pocket and to enjoy the view. At every stop, you can read or listen to the audio commentary recorded in four languages by native speakers, that is, in Czech, German, Russian, and English.

A practical option is the function of downloading the offline version that can easily navigate you through the town using your GPS and not your mobile data.

Whenever and wherever

The Smart Guide application – the official guide of the town of Karlovy Vary - is a pleasant, user-friendly tool, thanks to which a regular walk home from work can become an enjoyably informative stroll and your first visit to the town will be an experience to remember. The app does not force you to take any route and informs you about the stops using pop-up windows. Thus, you can, but need not to stay on the trail. In the app, you will find all the Karlovy Vary trails, but also a list of iconic attractions.

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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