The Healing Power of Springs Surprised Even Experts

27. 6. 2024 | From surroundings of Karlovy Vary

Residents of the regional city had the chance to experience the health benefits of Karlovy Vary’s springs through a study. A significant portion of Karlovy Vary’s population suffers from dangerous liver fat accumulation. Karlovy Vary’s healing springs could help, as shown by the #PijuPrameny project initiated by the Karlovy Vary Infocentre. The Institute of Spa and Balneology joined the project to assess the health benefits of a drinking cure in a detailed study, finding improvements in liver health that surprised even experienced experts.

"We joined this popularization and educational activity targeting residents of Karlovy Vary. We decided to study liver elasticity using the FibroScan method, a non-invasive ultrasound examination. The results were alarming. Initial examinations of 163 randomly selected adults showed that nearly seventy percent suffer from liver fat accumulation," informed Alina Huseynli, Director of the Institute of Spa and Balneology Karlovy Vary. She added that 88 people with proven fatty liver disease completed the three-week drinking cure, individually prescribed by a spa doctor. Subsequent examinations showed improvements in liver condition in nearly ninety percent of them, often very significantly.

"I was personally shocked by the results. For example, a person suffering from the third stage of this disease had the first stage after the drinking cure, and another person even had no problem at all," described Alina Huseynli. She emphasized that the amount and type of healing water were always determined individually by a spa doctor based on the initial test results. The institute then evaluated the effects of the drinking cure six months after the treatment ended. "We found that some people's liver conditions worsened again, but the results were not as alarming as at the beginning of the study," noted the director. She explained that steatosis, or liver fat accumulation, is a metabolic disease related to lifestyle, influenced by diet, poor hydration, and lack of physical activity.

"Liver steatosis can lead to irreversible liver damage and even cause liver cancer. Therefore, I think the information we have found is not only interesting but quite fundamental. Based on the study results, I would recommend this cure to everyone, but after consultation and recommendation by a spa doctor. It has been shown that drinking healing water, regular walks, and possibly a change in lifestyle bring results," stated Alina Huseynli. The study also provides feedback to the institute. People who participated in the #PijuPrameny project wrote in letters and emails that their quality of life changed, that they saw their city and the springs from a completely different perspective, and that they were surprised by the potential of Karlovy Vary’s springs. "These are great news for us," said Huseynli, suggesting that the study could have a practical effect. "Personally, I think we need to find new ways in the spa industry, and this could be one of them. Everyone interested in prevention should have the chance to undergo the cure. Spa facilities should also take advantage of the fact that the Karlovy Vary Region has established the Spa and Balneology Research Institute and get involved in research. Because we have a lot to offer. We should continuously work on improving services because this is one of the things that interests European clients," envisioned Alina Huseynli, who places great hopes on prevention. "People go to the sea, but they do not realize that we also have hidden treasures here that can restore health. However, I am convinced that the current young generation perceives their health differently, thinking about prevention, lifestyle, and health. I see untapped potential in spas," concluded Alina Huseynli.

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