GERnétic cosmetic wraps

Top French cosmetic products resulting from long-term research utilizing biotechnology and cellular therapy. These represent a biological cocktail of health and beauty. They help slow down the aging of cells, activate the body´s energy, and achieve truly visible results in body, skin, and bust care.

Choose yours one among GERnétic wraps:

GERnétic Anti-cellulite Wrap

Treatment of problem areas showing traces of cellulite (limbs, abdomen, thighs). It stimulates the lymphatic system, removes toxic substances, speeds up the metabolism, and significantly influences the internal skin structure. The wrap considerably strengthens the skin, smooths its texture and removes the feeling of weight in limbs. It prevents cracked veins and edema. The battle with cellulite needs perfect agents with success guaranteed!

GERnétic – All-body Detoxification Cleaning Wrap

Contains extracts from 16 species of seaweed. It improves perfusion of the skin and hypodermis, supports the removal of waste substances, and stimulates the immune system. The wrap brings relaxation, removal of stress, and regeneration of the entire body. It helps to maintain a young and healthy appearance and allows achieving a perfect physical and mental condition. You will enjoy a superb feeling of freshness and cleanness. Your skin will be able to breath easily once more.
All-body Vegetal Re-mineralization and Strengthening Wrap
The wrap has a beneficial effect on skin all over the body. It provides the skin with complex nutritious substances to strengthen it, smooth it and improve its flexibility. It brings a feeling of deep relaxation and regeneration.

It has a beneficial effect on

  • To rejuvenate and retain elasticity of the face and body skin
  • To delay skin aging 
  • To provide overall regeneration and relaxation 

GERnétic Cosmetic Wraps are not recommended to those with a serious or acute medical condition.

You will enjoy looking in a mirror

GERnétic cosmetic wraps bring a profound sense of regeneration, relaxation and refreshment. You will the freshness and cleanness of your skin being able to breathe.

How do we provide GERnétic cosmetic wraps?

Client enters the cubicle, takes off shoes, undresses, takes a shower, and lies down on a special bed. The treatment is accompanied by relaxation music. After a soft peeling, special crèmes are applied with a dry wrap. The client will relax on a bed. Afterwards, the attendant removes traces of the crème with a moist facecloth.

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes • GERnétic Wraps are freely available.


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