BIOCON magnetic pulse therapy

An official name of this method is a repetitive peripheral magnet stimulation which means a neuro-training of muscles that are not easy to train. Excellent effects are achieved by sending orders to muscles in a natural manner, i.e. from the brain of a patient sitting in the chair. As opposed to other methods in this manner tension of muscles is optimized and therefore an over-tension is excluded. The therapy helps with all forms of incontinency.

It has a beneficial effect on

  • chronic pelvic pain, regeneration of a pelvic floor after childbirth,
  • with orgasmic disorders of women and erection disorders of men and also with lower back pain,
  • tailbone pain, hip pain and after-operation and after-injury conditions of pelvic and tailbone.

The treatment is contact-less, painless and safe, it is effective even through clothes so patients can remain fully dressed. Patients have a pleasant feeling of a thorough massage of muscles. The best results are achieved after 8 to 12 treatments.

Duration time: 20 minutes


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