Elizabeth Baths

Monumental Pseudo-Baroque complex of spa buildings

Location: In Smetanovy sady (Smetana Park) in the northern part of the spa centre of Karlovy Vary
Period of construction: Between 1905 and 1906
Architect: Franz Drobny
Official opening: 18 June 1906
Accessibility: Accessible during opening hours

How to get there

Route 1: You may reach the Elizabeth Baths if you walk from the Hot Spring in the spa centre along the Teplá River, the Thermal Hotel, and the Main Post Office to Smetanovy sady (Smetana Park). The spa building is situated at the end of the park. This route, which offers a pleasant walk through the city centre, is approximately 1.5 kilometres long and it will take you about half an hour.

Route 2: If you decide for the second route, take Bus No. 2 from Divadelní náměstí (Theatre Square) in the spa centre to the "Tržnice" (Market) city bus terminal. From there, you will walk about 300 metres up Varšavská Street to the spa building in Smetana Park.

History of the structure

The magnificent and vast Pseudo-Baroque complex of spa buildings resembling a castle was built between 1905 and 1906 according to the design of the Director of the Municipal Building Office, Franz Drobny, in the northern part of the centre of Karlovy Vary. The building was named Alžbětiny lázně (Elizabeth Baths) in memory of the murdered wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, Empress Elisabeth, commonly known as Sisi. A French-style park with a fountain and a four-rowed alley was founded in front of the spa, i.e. the present-day Smetana Park. The grand opening of the Elizabeth Baths took place on 18 June 1906. The new spa facility provided almost two thousand procedures every day.

Following the foundation of Czechoslovakia, the complex was renamed to Lázně V (Spa V). A major renovation of the interior furnishings and equipment was carried out between 1969 and 1973, during which a modern rehabilitation indoor swimming pool with two saunas were built in the atrium. As a result of an extensive reconstruction effected in the early 21st century, the Elizabeth Baths have become the largest balneological facility in Karlovy Vary, which provides more than 60 spa procedures exploiting thermal water and peat.


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Elizabeth Baths
Smetanovy sady 1
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