Walking Tour 18

Ondřejská (Andrew) Street, Three Crosses Hill

Duration4 750 m
Ascent220 m
Sestup65 m
Time75 min
Consumption of energy: (70 kg)1 482 kJ
Consumption of energy: (80 kg)1 696 kJ

Ondřejská Street

Walk up the street along the Church of Saint Andrew and continue up Na Vyhlídce Street through the serpentines to Gogolova stezka (Gogol's Path). Walk across the hill of Tři kříže (Three Crosses) and continue walking up the gently ascending Gogolova cesta (Gogol's Road). Turn right to Goethe's Lookout and then back along Gogol's Road to the Hůrky bus stop of line No. 8.

Three Crosses Hill

The three large crosses resembling the biblical crosses of Golgotha were erected in the 1640s to commemorate the successful recatholization of the town and the region, which had been largely professing the Lutheran faith in the previous century. The hill is entwined with a number of dreary tales of the Will-o'-the-Wisp and the murder of three brothers.

A restaurant used to stand near the Three Crosses along with the bizarre Camera Obscura Arbour where pictures of the landscape were projected on the wall of the dark chamber. In the 19th century, the hill belonged among sites most frequently visited by spa guests. The Camera Obscura Arbour was rebuilt in 1997 and if you are interested in astronomy, we recommend visiting the Karlovy Vary Observatory in the district of Hůrky.

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