Sportcentrum Imperial

Golf a tennis are traditonal sports in Karlovy Vary

The Sportcentrum Imperial has four synthetic tennis courts that are operated all year round. In winter the courts are roofed with a heated dome.


Tennis courts have to be booked beforehand at the Sportcentrum reception. If you are a member, you can also use on-line booking. Non-members can only check the current availability of individual courts. Their reservation will be processed after arrival at the Sportcentrum.


Sportcentrum Imperial club membership or single-entry admission includes the price of tennis court rental.

Services Subject to a Fee

  • Services of a trainer
  • Services of a sparring partner
  • Racket and balls rental
  • Sale of sports equipment
  • Securing of special event – tennis tournaments with a banquet, etc.


Sportcentrum Imperial
Libušina 18, 36121 Karlovy Vary
+420 353 203 700


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Sportcentrum Imperial

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