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  • Wellness

  • Spa

  • Restaurant

  • Parking

  • Wi-Fi

  • TV+SAT

  • Reception 24 hours a day

  • Conference hall

  • Swimming pool

  • Sauna

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Petfriendly

Pearl of Modern Spa and Traditional Balneology. The Savoy Westend Hotel is considered one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles in Europe. Its uniqueness consist in the combination of traditional spa treatments with latest innovations in modern medicine. Whether you want to heal or just relax in Karlovy Vary, the luxurious hotel and spa-medical center of Savoy Westend Hotel will offer you the best of everything.





Savoy Westend Hotel
Petra Velikého 16
Karlovy Vary

+420 359 018 827

Facilities in detail

Restaurant, Parking, Wi-Fi, TV+SAT, Reception 24 hours a day, Conference hall, Swimming pool, Sauna, Wheelchair accessible, Petfriendly

The Savoy Westend Hotel Resort represents one of the most beautiful resorts in the whole of Europe. It is situated in the elite historical part of Karlovy Vary and it consists of 5 ‘art-nouveau’ villas. Each villa hosts an individual and unique charm and the hotels history dates back to 1897. Each building was carefully renovated to preserve its historical value. A contemporary medical spa facility with its own diagnostic centre and a combined total of over 3.000 sq. meters of treatment rooms is located at the heart of the resort. A discreet but effective blend of 19th century and modern advanced medical balneology procedures and treatments are performed throughout the medical spa facility. Thanks to the natural beauty of the surrounding forests, Karlovy Vary’s thirteen natural thermal spa springs and access to modern medical care the Savoy Westend Resort is the ideal place for you to Relax, Restore and Revive.

Rooms and Suites in all the Villas represent a traditional Bohemian affluence and décor, offering Guests stunning views. The majority of rooms have balconies or terraces and a unique view of the Russian Orthodox Church. The room features include LCD TVs, a minibar stocked with healthy soft drinks and healthy snacks and complimentary wi-fi. Each room is stylishly furnished to respect the historical origin of each villa.

The spa treatment provided by the Savoy Westend Hotel exploits local natural curing sources – mineral water, carbon dioxide and peat. The hotel also runs its own laboratory a uses a broad range of laboratory examinations, which enables the doctors to determine an accurate diagnose within a few hours and to prescribe an individual therapeutic regimen. New in Savoy Westend Hotel -

cardiology diagnosis. The best cardiologist in the Czech Republic - Dr. Alexander Shee is at your service to perform cardiology checkup. The major components of our spa procedures are hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, physical exercises, nutritional counseling and the drinking cure which uses local mineral springs. The effectiveness of the entire therapeutic process is further supported by outdoor activities and long walks in nearby forests. The Savoy Westend Hotel offers ideal conditions for outdoor lovers as it is situated in the immediate vicinity of spa groves and forests, and within a walking distance from forest promenades and look-out points. The Savoy Westend offers a hundred of various diagnostic examinations and over 300 spa, therapeutic and cosmetic procedures. In 2019 was opened the brand new salt cave, it is a place, where you can calm down and let the power of the salt act upon you. It is said that one visit to the salt cave is worth of three days at the seaside.

Karlovy Vary Drinking Cure has been the cornerstone of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment for centuries. The composition of local mineral water springs has beneficial influence on the gastrointestinal tract, stomach lining and intestinal mucosa; it also stimulates the activity of the liver the pancreas. Combined with complex spa treatment, the drinking cure improves the compensation of diabetes mellitus and reduces weight. The most suitable spring and drinking regimen will be suggested by your attending physician – certified balneologist. For the drinking cure to have maximum effects the following principles must be observed: The spa stay should be at least 7 days long, whereas 14-day therapy is highly recommended.


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  • The course of the COVID-19 disease has been found to be more severe for patients with reduced immunity, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and chronic respiratory disease.

  • Relax spa treatment with half board includes accommodation with breakfast, lunch or dinner according to your choice, 1 spa treatment per day (7 spa treatments per week), one medical examination, free entry to the 25 m swimming pool, steam sauna, Herbal and Finnish sauna, ice pools, Kneipp’s foothbath, gym as well as unlimited WI-FI use and an individual treatment programme.

  • Stay includes an accommodation double room in one of the buildings of the hotel complex. Buffet breakfast and a la carte selection.Free and unlimited use of the 25 m swimming pool, steam bath, Herbal and Finnish sauna, ice pools, Kneipp’s foothbath, gym and unlimited WI-FI. VIRTUAL ROUND TRIP

  • The Complex Spa Treatment in the Savoy Westend Hotel includes 1 basic laboratory blood and urine test, 3 spa procedures a day (21 spa procedures a week), 3 medical check-ups (initial examination, follow-up examination and discharge examination); whereas the minimum length of The Complex Spa Treatment is 7 nights.

  • Strengthening the immune system is currently one of the most important tasks of preventive medicine.

  • This program offers visible reduction of orange peel skin and stress relief. The aim of this treatment is to remove fat pads, to slim and tone your body and thus advance your self-confidence. 

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