A floating tank is a water healing device which was developed in the 50ties of the last century in USA. Basically, it is the bath in hypertonic salt solution with the concentration of additional salt resembling the Dead Sea.  Highly concentrated salt solution is able to simulate weightlessness and thus creates ideal conditions for regeneration of mental and physical powers

In a sound-proof tank with dimmed light you can close yourself and, listening to the sound of relaxing music, separate your mind from surrounding perceptions. Floating helps wash away metabolic waste.

It has a beneficial effect on

  • blood circulation in muscles and releases spasms, it has anti-depressive, relaxing and soothing effects and heals skin problems.
  • It helps heal painful diseases of locomotive organs and degenerative rheumatic diseases, accelerates recovery after injures, heals skin diseases and neurological disorders.

This treatment is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia and hypertension. 

Duration time: 30 minutes

Source: www.spa-resort-sanssouci.cz

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