FATAMORGANA paradox museum

This place will change your mind about museum!

Firstly, no barriers to create a boundary around exhibits, and so, touch it to your heart's content! Secondly, photographing is not prohibited, it is required!

Count on you being real participants of installations, not only mere spectators! But we will not let you in on all secrets. Invite your friends and children, don´t forget on your camera and go for fun into most surprising Czech museum!


tel: +420 358 880 042
mail: kv@fatamorgana-museum.cz
web: http://kv.fatamorgana-museum.cz/

Jaltská 1052/9
360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká Republika


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FATAMORGANA paradox museum
Jaltská 1052/9
360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká Republika

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