Elisabeth Spa

25-meter freshwater swimming pool

Elisabeth Spa

  • 25-meter freshwater swimming pool
  • relaxing pool with 4 auto-massage units (waterspout for massaging shoulders and back, airbeds for total relaxing massage, underwater nozzles with pressurized water for massaging legs, and counterstream)
  • wading pool
  • whirlpool
  • sauna and steam in the men´s and women´s part of the complex


  • entrance to the pool 90 min 135 Kč
  • children up to 150 cm 90 min 95 Kč
    Price specification in our Price list

Opportunity to get prepayment or privilege family entrance fee, to rent electric drier or to buy a bath towel. More information details at the cash desk.


Bazén Alžbětiny lázně
Smetanova Sady 1, Karlovy Vary
Tel: +420 353 304 220
+420 702 043 274
E-mail: info@spa5.cz
Web: www.spa5.cz


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Elisabeth Spa

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