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Get healthy and naturally beautiful skin with top-quality specialized care from our team of dermatologists at Asklepion clinics. We provide all procedures offered by modern dermatology and laser medicine with excellent results confirmed by many years of experience. 

Asklepion dermatology offers comprehensive care

Our department of corrective dermatology employs all types of the most modern laser procedures (even several for a single problem), giving clients a truly individualized approach to their problem. Among the most popular are laser procedures to eliminate varicose veins, stretch marks, acne, growths, age spots, warts and tattoos, rejuvenate skin, diagnose birth marks and more. Other highly popular procedures here include the use of Botox and fillers to smooth wrinkles or the most modern method of skin rejuvenation using your own blood (platelet-rich plasma method). 


Put the beauty and health of your skin in the hands of experienced cosmeticians!  Asklepion Cosmetics is here for everyone looking for top-quality services combining luxury cosmetic products, the most modern equipment and a team of outstanding cosmeticians and doctors.

Asklepion Cosmetics – World-class equipment and luxury products

The cosmetics departments at Asklepion centres are equipped with the most modern facial systems, devices for modelling the figure and removing cellulite, bio-stimulation devices and devices for restoring collagen in the skin. Asklepion Cosmetics exclusively uses premium French cosmetics such as Phytomer, Vie Collection or the unique line of its own products, Asklepio.  

Why use body forming at Asklepion?

  • Combination of the most modern equipment for the best results
  • Cooperation with the dermatology and plastic surgery departments
  • Many years of experience, innovation and only proven, effective methods


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