The first Karlovy Vary Beer Spa

BEER BATH takes place in hand-made, one thousand liters whirlpool tubs make of Royal Oak and is based on the effects of natural extracts used for the brewing of Krušovice® Czech beer which is characterized by a special hops variety, brewery yeast and malt. 

The high content of hops essential oils endorses general revitalization and relaxation of skin pores. Brewery yeast is rich in vitamin B and active enzymes which have beneficial effects on skin regeneration. The unique combination of natural ingredients and the magic effects of the Royal Oak wood – which has always symbolized longevity and strength – beer bath supports proper metabolism, extraction of toxic substances, inner and outer stress relief, reduction of fatigue and thus leads to the perfect rest of the body and mind. During your beet bath you can help yourself to unlimited consumption of Czech light and dark beer Krušovice®

After the bath, you relax on a bed made from true wheat straw which endorses the absorption of all vitamins and extracts from the bath. During relaxation you can relish fresh homemade beer bread. The warmth flames of a fireplace will be your companion during relaxation. 

Throughout the (1 hour) procedure, you will have the entire beer spa exclusively to yourself and you will be able to drink an unlimited quantity of Krušovice® light and dark beer.


tel: +420 608 880 181

Stará Louka 8
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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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