Marian Column in Sedlec

Baroque sandstone column with the statue of the Virgin Mary

Location: At the Church of Saint Anne in the village square of the Karlovy Vary district of Sedlec
Period of construction:
Architect: Unknown
Official opening: 1716
Accessibility: Freely accessible

How to get there

Route 1:        The first route that starts from the Hot Spring in the spa centre to the Karlovy Vary district of Sedlec offers a long walk through the spa centre and along the Teplá River. It then continues across Ostrovský most (Ostrov Bridge) over the Ohře River up to Horní nádraží (Upper Railway Station). From there, you will cross the railway bridge into the district of Růžový vrch and walk down Sedlecká Street to the church in the centre of Sedlec. This route is approximately 3.5 kilometres long and it will take you about an hour.

Route 2:        If you decide for the easier second route, travel by Bus No. 14 from Tržnice (Market) to the terminal stop in Sedlec, which is located in the village square right next to the church.

History of the monument

The Baroque column with the statue of the Virgin Mary was created by an unknown sculptor and it was erectednear the southeast corner of the Church of Saint Anne in the centre of the municipal district of Sedlec in 1716. The Baroque sandstone statue portrays Mary of the Immaculate Conception stepping on a snake wrapped around a sphere. The snake symbolises the Devil who is defeated by the Virgin Mary. The statue is placed at the top of a sandstone Corinthian column. Nearby, you may also find a Memorial to World War I Victims.


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Marian Column in Sedlec

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