Statue of Saint Bernard

Baroque sandstone statue

Location: On Bernardova skála (Bernard's Rock) above Mlýnská kolonáda (Mill Colonnade) in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary
Period of construction: 1706
Architect: Unknown
Official opening: 1706
Accessibility: Not accessible

How to get there

Route 1:        You may reach the statue of Saint Bernard if you walk from the Hot Spring in the spa centre along the left bank of the Teplá River, walk past Mlýnská kolonáda (Mill Colonnade) all the way to Lázně III (Spa III). Climb up the stairs leading along the Svoboda (Freedom) Spring Arbour to the top of the rock where you will see the statue in front of you. The short walk through the spa centre is approximately 600 metres long and takes about 10 minutes.

Route 2:        If you decide for the second route, travel by Bus No. 1 or Bus No. 4 from the "Tržnice" (Market) stop to the "Lázně III" (Spa III) terminal stop. From there, walk about 200 metres across Lázeňský most (Spa Bridge) over the Teplá River, continue along Mlýnské nábřeží (Mill Embankment) and Lázně III (Spa III) directly below Bernardova skála (Bernard's Rock).

History of the monument

The Baroque statue of Saint Bernard was created by an unknown sculptor and in 1706,it was erectedon Bernardova skála (Bernard's Rock), which had originally reached as far as the riverbed of the Teplá. Due to the prolongation of the Mill Colonnade in 1891, a part of the rocky bill was pulled down and the statue was moved to the remaining part of the rock formation below the terrace with the Column of the Dukes of Cambridge.

The figural sandstone statue portrays bareheaded Saint Bernard in a monk robe with characteristic attributes. On his left shoulder, Saint Bernard carries a large cross with a crown of thorns wrapped around it.

Although the statue is currently not accessible, you may admire it from a distance. You may combine your visit to the statue of Saint Bernard with a walk through Skalníkovy sady (Skalník's Park) and stop by the Column of the Dukes of Cambridge, which stands on a terrace directly above the statue.


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Statue of Saint Bernard

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