Hawaii “Lomi Lomi” massage

Lomi Lomi massage, translated as “loving hands”, differs from common massages thanks to its special technique. It is because the movements of the masseur suggest a holy Hawaiian Hula Hula dance during which the weight and center of mass of body is used, especially the movement of lower limbs. In other words, the masseur constantly moves in a rhythm and uses soft and deep techniques for a massage that are performed mainly by his forearms.

Thanks to the rhythm and gentleness the massage has a high therapeutic and relaxation effects. And masseurs get the deal too. As a matter of fact, their “loving hands” are able to harmonize not only the body and soul of their patients but their own body and soul as well! And, as you see yourselves, they truly deserve it for their exhausting “dance” performance. This original massage stimulates circulation of blood and lymphatic system

It has a beneficial effect on

  • detoxification of organism, 
  • removes muscle pain, fatigue and stress, 
  • release joints and harmonizes body in general.

It is recommended in the state of overwork and lack of concentration, often pains of the whole body, tightness of muscles and joints, inner imbalance and uneasiness. This type of massage is suitable for those who are immediately after surgery, or who had infectious or skin disease, burns or infections or large and aching varicose veins, open wounds, bruises or are pregnant.

Price: full body massage CZK 2 000/partial CZK 1 100
Duration time: 90 / 45 minutes

Source: www.spa-hotel-imperial.cz

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