Floating - unique pool with "Dead Sea water"

14. 11. 2016 | From surroundings of Karlovy Vary

Floating - warm saltwater pool with a high concentration of magnesium salts brings beneficial effects of bathing in the Dead Sea. Bath will provide your body, mind and soul weightless peace and harmony, it gets rid of stress and locomotor system pains. The perfect muscle relaxation leads to deep relaxation and regeneration of your body. Weightlessness relieves the body of stress and muscle tension. Effect of salt provides significant cosmetic results on your skin, hairand nails and significantly contributes to the healing and regeneration of the skin and a number of treat skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis etc.). The procedure is accompanied by light and sound effects.

After the relaxation in floating pool we recommend a deep relaxation
massage that will compound the regenerative effects.


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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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