Findlater's Obelisk

Triangular sandstone obelisk

Location: In a saddle below Výšina přátelství (Friendship Height) west of the centre of Karlovy Vary
Year of creation: 1804
Author: Unknown
Date of unveiling: 4 August 1804
Accessibility: Freely accessible

How to get there

Route 1: You may reach Findlater's Obelisk if you start from the Hot Spring in the centre of Karlovy Vary and follow the yellow-marked tourist path, which leads along forest paths to the stone stairs on Petrova výšina (Peter's Height) and continues along the Myslivna (Gamekeeper's Lodge) Sanatorium to the monument.

Route 2: An easier alternative is to take the Diana funicular from Grandhotel Pupp to the Jelení skok (Deer Jump) intermediate station and walk up the paths that lead along the Myslivna (Gamekeeper's Lodge) Sanatorium to the obelisk.

History of the monument

The obelisk was erected upon the order of the Karlsbad Town Council in honour of Scottish peer, Lord James Ogilvy, Earl of Findlater, in a saddle below Výšina přátelství (Friendship Height) by the path leading to the Diana Observation Tower in 1804. The generous benefactor stayed at the spa 14 times between the years 1793 and 1810. He was so enchanted by the beauty of the surrounding woods and lookouts that he decided to fund the building and enlargement of several promenades in the spa woods. In 1801, a lookout arbour was built upon his order in a slope above the Teplá River, which is now known as Findlater's Arbour.

The unveiling ceremony of the obelisk erected in the spa woods took place on 4 August 1804. The monument is an eight metres tall, three-sided conical column assembled from sandstone blocks. The obelisk underwent extensive renovation in 1913 and 2007. Nearby, you may also visit an ancient conciliation cross made of stone.


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Findlater's Obelisk

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