Empress Sissi in Karlovy Vary

18. 5. 2018 | History

Elizabeth of Bavaria, Austrian Empress, Hungarian, Croatian, and Czech Queen, was considered to be the most beautiful woman in Europe during her lifetime. Empress Sissi arrived to heal to Karlovy Vary in June 1892 and stayed at the Tereza hotel until July. 

Even during her stay in Karlovy Vary she did not change any of her daily routine. She started her day with a every day walk at Spa III, from there she climbed on Three Crosses, continued through the Goethe view to Vítkova Mountain, went to Březová, climbed to Aberg, and returned via Linhart to Chateau Hill and the hotel. Overall, she walked very briskly for about 20.5 kilometres each day in hilly terrain. As a prominent person she was watched by a local detective throughout her entire stay. The detective then received a meritorious cross for his dedication, endurance and physical resistance.

Also you can take a walk through the spa forests, perhaps following the footsteps of the energetic Empress Sissi. You can stay also in her apartment in the Tereza hotel, that is part of the Bristol GroupHotel complex in the beautiful Westend district of Karlovy Vary.

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