Doubí - District of the City

Trip type: Cycle, On foot

Distance from KV: 4 km

What is to be seen in Doubí

The most interesting historic building in Doubí undoubtedly is the local chateau. Originally, a medieval Gothic castle from the 14th century used to stand in its place. The local village is first mentioned in a document from 1365. In the 15th century, a marauding knight named Tannenberg used to live in the castle. It was the reason, why the castle was captured and partially destroyed by united troops of the surrounding towns. Between 1739 and 1756, the old castle was rebuilt into a Baroque chateau. It underwent a Pseudo-Renaissance reconstruction at the end of the 19th century.

At the turn of the 21st century, a private company carried out a complete challenging reconstruction of this cultural monument. Today, the building houses a themed chateau restaurant and a wine bar. Here you can find a popular unique museum known as the Christmas House, featuring a year-round sales exhibition of hand-painted Christmas ornaments and decorations, filling the air with the atmosphere of Czech Christmas.

Doubí is situated within the Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. From Doubí, you can walk up to the former restaurant for excursionists known as "St. Linhart", where you can enjoy many attractions of the local rope centre. Not far away are ruins of a Romanesque Church of St. Linhart, the oldest preserved historic building in the Karlovy Vary area. A path starting at “Linhart” will lead you to the Aberg Lookout Tower on Doubská Mountain and further into the Karlovy Vary municipal forests.

Another path, heading in the opposite direction, will take you from Doubí to the romantic valley of the Ohře River, across a rope bridge past the protected granite rock town known as the Svatoš Rocks all the way to Loket. The whole valley is only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists; and therefore it is a favourite destination of locals. You can have a nice sit-down in a restaurant near the Svatoš Rocks.

The nearby village of Tašovice offers you a trip into the history of the oldest Slavic settlement of the region. On a rocky promontory above the Ohře River lie remains of an early medieval settlement called Starý Loket (Old Elbow), deserted in the middle of the 10th century. The hilly countryside surrounding Doubí is awash with tourist trails and forest paths encouraging everyone to go for a walk or on a trip.


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Doubí - District of the City

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