Chapel of Saint Laurentius

Baroque niche chapel

Location: In Tylova Street south above the centre of Karlovy Vary
Period of construction: 18th century
Architect: Unknown
Official opening: 18th century
Accessibility: Freely accessible

How to get there

Route 1:        You may reach the chapel if you walk from the Hot Spring in the spa centre up Divadelní (Theatre) Street along the Municipal Theatre and then continue up Tylova Street. The short, yet challenging route due to the steep decline is approximately 500 metres long and it will take you about 10 minutes. You may shorten your walk by taking the Imperial funicular from Divadelní náměstí (Theatre Square). You will need to walk down about 200 metres from the funicular station to the chapel.

Route 2:        Bus No. 13 will take you to the Imperial funicular station from the "Tržnice" (Market) city bus terminal. You will need to walk about 200 metres from the "Lanovka Imperial" (Imperial Funicular) terminal stop down Libušina Street to get to the chapel.

History of the structure

The Baroque niche Chapel of Saint Laurentius was built in the 18th century on the site of an older structure, which is first mentioned in the 1700s. As the chapel stands on Vavřinecký vrch (Laurentius Hill) that once dominated the spa town, it was often depicted on 19th century engravings of Karlovy Vary. It was also drawn by famous German poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe during his visit to Karlovy Vary in 1808. The chapel was restored by Wilhelm Kandler in 1855. Until the 1950s, visitors could admire pictures of famous visitors that had replaced the original oil paintings in the four side niches of the prismatic chapel. The newly renovated chapel offers a pleasant stop to spa guests during their walks in the surroundings of Karlovy Vary.


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Chapel of Saint Laurentius

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