Park Spring

12th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary

Spring site: Vojenský lázeňský ústav (Army Spa Institution)
Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary
Date of first interception: 1852
Temperature: 39,1°C
Yield: 1.5 litres per minute
CO2 content: 750 mg per litre
Accessibility: Accessible daily during opening hours from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm.

How to get there

Route 1: You may reach the seep of the Park Spring in the basement of Vojenský lázeňský ústav (Army Spa Institution) if you start from the Hot Spring in the spa centre along the left bank of the Teplá River, walk past the Mill Colonnade all the way to the Park Colonnade in Dvořákovy sady (Dvořák Park). This route, which offers a pleasant walk through the city centre, is approximately 800 metres long and it will take you about 15 minutes.

Route 2: The second alternative is to travel by Bus No. 1 or Bus No. 4 from the "Tržnice" (Market) city bus terminal to the "Lázně III" (Spa III) terminal stop. From there, walk about 150 metres across Lázeňský most (Spa Bridge) over the Teplá River and walk back to the Park Colonnade in Dvořák Park. There you will need to descend to the spring bowl in the basement of the Army Spa Institution.

The spring was discovered in 1852 during the excavation of the foundations of Vojenský lázeňský ústav (Army Spa Institution). The spring was originally known as Císařský pramen (Imperial Spring) and along with Hochbergerův pramen (Hochberger’s Spring) it was used for the curative drinking cure of the Army Spa Institution patients. Even today, it is still very popular with visitors of the town for its high content of dissolved carbon dioxide and its pleasantly sour taste.

The main seep may be found at the courtyard of the Army Spa Institution from where it is supplied to the level of the entrance lobby for the greater comfort of patients. The spring was also partly diverted to the basement of the building where it is accessible to the general public. You may access the spring bowl from the Park Colonnade in Dvořák Park.


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Park Spring

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