Nose surgery

Nose surgery – rhinoplasty – is one of the most exacting operations done by the aesthetic surgery. The nose, being the focus of the face, is very sensitive in perception by the patients and the others and its reshaping, reduction or increase in size frequently changes the general expression of the face and thus of the personality.

The surgery may also repair and improve problems in nasal function, i.e. breathing and its effects in aesthetic, function and psychology are considerable because it will free the patient of the complexes and enhance his/her physical and spiritual harmony.

The initial and a very important step to be taken before any decision on the surgery is made is a personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. Any problems related to the nose shape, size and type, breathing and particularly motives or psychological reasons that brought the patient to the surgery should be evaluated.

The surgeon’s approach to each patient is most individual because any rhinoplasty is individual and specific. The state of good health is a natural prerequisite.

The optimum age range for rhinoplasty is from the completion of growth and end of adolescence (girls circa 16 – 17 years of age, boys from the age of 18) to approximately 30 years of age. It is not only the aspect of healing - sufficient elasticity and adaptability of tissues – but also the psychological aspect – easier taking up a position in a circle of friends and personality formation with younger patients after the surgery.

The operation is only the first stage the surgeon is able to influence directly. The essential prerequisite for success is the impeccable technique of the surgery.

The second stage is the healing process. The surgeon may produce an indirect effect on it through his/her instruction and advice. The patient’s collaboration is very important. The postoperative stage of healing is a long process and its progress is very individual.It´s impossible to evaluate the result before 2 or 3 months elapse and the complete stabilisation may take as much as one full year.

Even after a perfectly done surgery and good postoperative collaboration with the patient, the process of healing and scarring the soft nose tissues may produce unfavourable effects on the resulting shape and the required effect. Yet complications are not frequent and may be resolved by corrective surgery after the tissues are stabilised.


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