The museum in Jáchymov

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Distance from KV: 21 km

Only few museums can be found in such appropriate buildings as the building of the Royal Mint in Jáchymov is. This Renaissance building dating from 1536 can be called its exhibit No. 1. The museum was originally established in another building in 1923 to remember famous periods in the history of the town. They were based not only on mineral resources - especially silver - mining but also on the famous taler of Jáchymov coinage and later on Renaissance culture and learning.

Shady sides of the history of Jáchymov include uranium ore plundering after World War II and the suffering of prisoners from the gulag of Jáchymov which was connected with it. Unique historical exhibits document it all. You can also find here an exhibition presenting the dramatic development of balneology whose treatment with radon water is unique in the world.

The ethnographic exhibition on the region of the Ore Mountains is remarkable as well. And do not miss the famous library of the Latin school. It includes precious ancient prints and manuals dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. 



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The museum in Jáchymov

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