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Distance from KV: 46 km

The museum in Cheb ranks as one of the oldest and also biggest museums in the Karlovy Vary region. It was founded as early as 1873 and the amount of the objects in its collections reaches the number one hundred thousand. Its advantage is also the historic building where it has its seat. Apart from other things, it entered history as the place where the imperial generalissimos Albrecht of Wallenstein had been murdered in the February of 1634.

The museum offers an extensive ethnographic collection, gothic and Baroque sculptures and a unique collection of sacral panel paintings. Products of pewterers and gunsmiths from Cheb and the oldest bell in Bohemia dating from 1286 arouse a lot of interest as well. Apart from the historically and artistically valuable Wallenstein Gallery, there is also an extensive library which is open to those who are interested. The museum also runs a charming half-timbered farmhouse in Milíkov.

And finally a question for the director of the museum Roman Procházka: “If a visitor to the museum of Cheb could see only one collection or one exhibit, what would you recommend him?”

“It is really not easy to mention just one exhibit but I would recommend the visitor to see Albrecht of Wallenstein´s gala saddle, which is on exhibition again after long years.”


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Museum Cheb

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