Laser surgery

1) UltraPulse CO2 (surgical laser,Lumenis,USA ) :

  • removing of wrinkles (laser peeling) and benign skin formations (warts, fibroids, papilloma, milia, etc.)

2) CO2 Fraction Laser ( laser resufacing,Lumenis,USA ) :

  • laser treatment that removes dark spots, smoothens wrinkles and lifts skin during one session -laser beam effects also long-lasting stimulation of collagen creation, which gives the skin young look
  • the advantage of the fraction laser is treatment of only certain areas of skin, when part of skin stays untreated
  • the healing process is faster and you can sooner return to normal activities

3) Quantum IPL ( VL/PL/HR ,Lumenis,USA) :

  • removal of face veins, vascular elements in skin (hemangioma, so called fires)
  • removal of pigmentation (solar, geriatric, hormonal), tattoos, freckles and spots.
  • hair removal (epilation)

4) Bio-stimulation laser – (Maestro with scanner by Medicom company):

  • application after surgeries to speed up healing of tissues, stabilization of scars, speed up of haematocele and edema healing
  • application in dermatology (keloids, eczemas, acne, etc.)
  • application in cosmetics (biostimulation, hydration and cleaning of skin) – laser gel masque


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