Findlater’s Arbour

Empire-style lookout arbour

Location: On the southern slope of Jižní vrch (South Hill) south of Karlovy Vary
Period of construction: 1801
Architect: Knoll, a carpenter
Official opening: 1801
Accessibility: Freely accessible

How to get there

Route 1: You may get to the arbour by climbing the following forest paths: Labického pěšina (Labický’s Foot Path) followed by Findlaterova stezka (Findlater’s Path) from Poštovní dvůr (Postal Court). Less than a kilometre long, the strenuous walk with a big elevation gain will take about twenty minutes.

Route 2: An easier alternative is to take the Diana funicular and get off at the "Jelení skok" (Deer Jump) intermediate station. From there, continue along a lovely path for about 450 metres to the fork at the Ecce Homo Chapel. Then follow Findlater's Path to the arbour.

History of the structure

The oldest arbour for excursionists within the Karlovy Vary spa forests, the scenic Empire-style gazebo, was built upon the order of Scottish peer, Lord James Ogilvy, the Earl of Findlater, on the southern slope of South Hill south of Karlovy Vary in 1801 by local carpenter Knoll. Between 1793 and 1810, the Earl of Findlater visited the spa town fourteen times and was mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding forests and lookouts on the hillsides above the town. In gratitude for being cured by the local thermal springs, he had several forest promenade paths built or widened.

The arbour used to stand in a carefully chosen location offering spectacular views of the valley of the Teplá River towards the village of Březová. However, it had overgrown with surrounding vegetation over time and could not function as a lookout point any further. Following its complete reconstruction, the arbour remains a popular resting point for spa guests roaming through the Karlovy Vary municipal forests.


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Findlater’s Arbour

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