The face and neck lifting solves the problems related to the ageing symptoms. If it is necessary to perform also operation of eye lids, we recommend it to be made only after the face lifting. A maximum effect can be achieved if an operation is made in an optimum age range with respect to the type of face, skin quality and elasticity.

A personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the very first and important step. A good precondition for successful operation performance is a good health condition determining the upper age limit for that operation.

The operation removes excess skin on the neck and face and partial smoothing of some wrinkles. However, it should be noticed the wrinkles are caused by mimic muscles at every person individually, and therefore it is not possible to remove by operation permanently soft perpendicular wrinkles on upper and lower lips, and as for forehead wrinkles, they cannot be influenced by such operation at all. An operation cannot stop the ageing process, however, it can postpone its symptoms by several years, after which such operation can be repeated.

Source: www.uem.cz

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