Column of Otto I

Granite column with a sphere on its top

Location: On Ottova výšina (Otto's Height) northwest above the centre of Karlovy Vary
Year of creation: 1852
Author: Unknown
Date of unveiling: 8 September 1852
Accessibility: Freely accessible

How to get there

Route 1: You may reach the column by following the 2.3 km long, high-difficulty route that leads from the Hot Spring in the spa centre along the steeply climbing yellow-marked tourist path. You will walk across Na Vyhlídce Street and continue through the spa woods along Tři kříže (Three Crosses) to Ottova výšina (Otto's Height). The route will take you about 45 minutes.

Route 2: If you decide for the second route, travel by Bus No. 10 or Bus No. 15 to the "Havlíčkova" stop in Drahovice. From there, follow the green tourist path to the crossroads below Tři kříže (Three Crosses) where you will continue up the yellow tourist path that will lead you all the way to Ottova výšina (Otto's Height).

History of the monument

The granite column was erected in 1852 in honour of King Otto I of Greece on Ottova výšina (Otto's Height) above Tři kříže (Three Crosses), which was the King's favourite destination during his walks in the spa woods surrounding Karlovy Vary. The first king of Greece after its liberation from Ottoman rule in 1830 visited Karlovy Vary five times between the years 1836 and 1865. He was very popular among the local inhabitants for his kindness, pleasant attitude and generosity.

The unveiling and consecration ceremony took place in the presence of King Otto I on 8 September 1852. The granite cannelated column has an abaca and sphere with a gold-plated star on its top. In 2008, an extensive renovation was launched to save the damaged memorial column. Just a few metres below the Column of Otto I, you may also find a lookout platform that offers a magnificent view of thespa town in the valley.


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Column of Otto I

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