Clinic for Smile – Clinic of Aesthetic Stomatology

The top-notch dental clinic, Clinic for Smile, is located in Karlovy Vary and provides complex services in the field of stomatology. We are a modern centre that cares for your dental health and your long-term satisfaction. Our specialists and experienced staff work with the newest technologies, applying their know-how gained through their years of experience. Come and discover what aesthetic stomatology looks like in the 21st century.

Complex, customised care

  • Veneers made while you enjoy your stay in Karlovy Vary
  • Consultations, individual solutions, and exclusive care
  • Appointments made quickly, with short waiting periods
  • State-of-the-art equipment, technology, and know-how
  • Painless and gentle treatments with a long-term effect
  • Team of prominent experts and trained, friendly assistants

A specialist in dental implants

We specialise in dental implants, which represent a permanent and effective solution for a beautiful smile. Many people are scared to go to the dentist because they fear pain or they have had a previous bad experience. They postpone their dental check-ups, and only visit the dentist once their problem is acute. However, this is often too late. Teeth, which serve as our business card and which we use daily, deserve preventive care and timely interventions more than anything else.

Clinic for Smile presents a new dimension of 21st-century stomatology. All treatments are gentle, painless, and you will enjoy the results for many years to come. Why bother with painful dentures and swallow large pieces of food with every bite because you chew with difficulty? Dental implants fit perfectly into your jaw and look like natural teeth. With implants, you can bite into your beloved steak or savour nuts without any fear, and you will no longer have to worry that an unwitting smile will reveal an imperfect set of teeth. With dental implants, you will again be able to enjoy life without limits. Beautiful, white, and straight teeth will allow you to let your positive emotions loose and smile at the whole world.

Depart from Karlovy Vary with a smile

If you are planning a week-long or longer stay in Karlovy Vary, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have a premium dental implant made for you at the modern dental clinic of aesthetic stomatology, Clinic for Smile. Dental tourism is the newest and very popular trend in the field of health tourism. Luxurious medical care will top off your stay in Karlovy Vary, and thanks to high-quality dental implants, you will take a beautiful memento with you that will last for decades to come.

The Clinic for Smile dental clinic gives you the unique opportunity to combine the pleasant with the effective. Have you lost a tooth and are bothered by the space between your teeth? Do you have dentures that make you uncomfortable? Do you want to again enjoy your favourite meal and laugh without worry? Is your appearance important to you? We have a solution for you that will save your time and money. Come and visit us at Clinic for Smile for a non-binding consultation, and we will show you how to make your dream of beautiful teeth and a set of teeth that will not limit you in any way come true. If you already know exactly what you want, you can make an appointment with our specialists directly.

The Czech Republic is a popular destination for foreign tourists wishing to not only discover the attractions of other countries, but also to care for their health, and who care about their representative appearance and beauty. The Czech Republic ranks among the most sought-after European countries for health tourism. Healthcare here is of a very high quality, oftentimes providing better services than abroad. At the same time, the prices of procedures and treatments are very favourable in comparison to other countries in Europe and overseas. Private clinics, such as Clinic for Smile, also offer above-standard services at favourable prices. Karlovy Vary is an ideal intersection of all the aspects expected of a healthcare stay – from wellness and relaxation, treatment cures to medical procedures – all in the beautiful natural setting that Karlovy Vary is surrounded by. As the ancient Latin saying goes: “The physician treats but nature heals.”

Are you bothered by a missing tooth, receding gums, or are your dentures uncomfortable? Clinic for Smile offers functional and aesthetic solutions in the form of dental implants. Do you want to smile at your loved ones without worry, dazzling them with your radiant teeth? Come and visit us at Clinic for Smile for a free, non-binding consultation. Together, we will come up with a solution to your problems, and if you want, we can make your dreams come true during your spa stay.

What else can we help you with?

Clinic for Smile is a modern dental clinic offering above-standard care. We carry out a range of common and less common dental procedures, tailor-made to your needs:

  • Aesthetic stomatology (tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, invisible braces)
  • Dental prosthetics (removable dentures, crowns and bridges, fixed dentures)
  • Dental hygiene (dental hygiene for children, tartar removal and dental pigmentation repair, air flow – polishing, tooth whitening)
  • Restorative stomatology (endodontics, dental fillings)
  • Dental surgery (dental implants, tooth extractions, treatment plans)
  • X-rays (3D x-ray tooth examinations, panorama x-rays, intraoral x-rays)

Our future, vision, and goals

Our goal is to become your partner on your journey to healthy teeth and a perfect smile. At your first consultation, you will tell us your wishes and requests, and our team of dental specialists will pay close attention to your needs. We will propose an optimal solution and answer all of your questions. All treatments and procedures at Clinic for Smile are painless and gentle. Following your procedure or treatment, you will remain in our care. We will give you advice on how to maintain a naturally beautiful smile, and you can turn to us at any time in the future.

The satisfaction of our clients and the provision of premium care is our top priority. We are continuously educating ourselves and we keep up with the times. We hope to not only observe trends, but also to be trendsetters.


tel: +420 720 932 351

Dubová 248/1
360 04 Karlovy Vary

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Clinic for Smile – Clinic of Aesthetic Stomatology
Dubová 248/1
360 04 Karlovy Vary

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