Classical spa treatment programme „light treatment“


Price from 1320 CZK / Person / Night Book a package

This programme is focused on the treatment and alleviation of digestive diseases. The treatment duration has been set on the basis of empirical knowledge. The main treatment therapy is the drinking cure, which features the regular drinking of a certain amount of mineral water. The drinking cure is prescribed for the patient by the spa doctor. The prescribed amount and kind of mineral water depends on the type of illness, body weight and the patient’s healts state. The drinking cure is usually performed three times a day, half an hour before each meal. Drinking of mineral water has very good influence on digestion and the entire body.

Thus the spa doctor prescribes an individual treatment programme according to the patient’s current health state. Another integral part of the digestive diseases treatment is dietary food – also well known as “good food”, which includes macrobiotic principles. A wide choice of the daily diet meals is granted.


  • General check-in, check-up and check-out medical examinations
  • Laboratory tests, ECG according to requirements
  • LIGHT TREATMENT - 1 main and 1,5 supplementary therapeutic procedure per night according to patient´s health condition (7 Nights = 18 procedures)
  • 3 x drinking cure per day
  • In-house 24 hour health emergency service of the nurces

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Sadová 800/5
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