The botanic garden in the Slavkovský les mountains

Trip type: By car

Distance from KV: 38 km

The vast area between Prameny and Mnichov ranks as one of the most interesting nature parts of the Slavkovský les Mountains. Unlike sandstone or limestone, serpentine, the basic building stone in this area, does not create caves, deep canyons or rock towns, however, it is a host to rare plant communities.

This unique “botanic garden” has been accessible by means of a new instructive path called Mnichovské hadce since last year. Its central point is located near the village Prameny in the place called Křížky where there are two most attractive of altogether 12 stops.

Rare plant associations which include the local endemite chickweed (cerastium alsinifolium) can be found to the right of the road on small serpentine rocks in the locality Křížky, which is a listed sight. The Globeflower Meadow to the left of the road can boast a number of protected species, especially in the early summer. They are mainly flowers such as the globeflower, arnica or the blue Siberian iris.

Other stops are in places where local mineral springs, Grünská and Novoveská, emerge from the ground, near what has been left of peat bogs near the Dominova Rock or historical sights of which the medieval Long Canal is the most interesting. The path is 12 km long and is therefore suitable rather for bikers or a car trip.   

The photos used originate from the website – a photo bank of Karlovy Vary Region.


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The botanic garden in the Slavkovský les mountains

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