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In 1812 Beethoven came from Teplice July 31 and stayed in the house of God's eye. A reminder of the great composer's memorial plaque at Hotel Pupp, in places where above patisserie is located Beethoven lounge. This part of the hotel is staying exactly on place, where the house of God's eye was staying. The same year, August 6, he carried out benefit concert together with the Italian violinist Giovanni Battista Polleder in the Czech Grandhotel Pupp, whose proceeds were donated to the citizens of the Austrian town of Baden, near Vienna affected by the fire.

In honor of Beethoven's visit was unveiled composer's monument in 1929 on the left bank of Warm in the park between Richmond and Postal Justice, designed by the sculptor Hugo Uher Carlsbad.

Beethoven poised slightly forward with clenched right fist and flowing hair seems to be built to resist the wind, just as the composer alive at the time of opposing the conventions and clichés. Beethoven's music has become a permanent part of the Carlsbad musical life.


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Beethoven's music festival days is an important part of the summer cultural season in Karlovy Vary.

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra has been organizing this festival since 1992 as a reminder of the composer's stay in a spa town in 1812.

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