Abdominoplasty - tummy tuck

Abdominal plastic surgery offers a solution by flattening the slack skin and tightening muscles of the relaxed abdominal wall, which frequently occurs after pregnancy or a distinct weight loss. If needed, excess subcutaneous fatty tissue is removed as well. The appearance and functional results of the surgery are very good although at the cost of scars that are inevitable in order to remove excessive skin. It leaves a permanent scar. However, it will fade with time and its quality differs per individual. Abdominoplasty is not only an aesthetic surgery but it also provides a solution to functional deficiency of the abdominal wall, i.e. inferior rectos muscles diastases.

The surgery not only brings about a better appearance and function but it also stops the slackening process of the abdominal wall.

The initial and a very important step to be taken before any decision on the surgery is made is a personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. A good state of health is a prerequisite, which determines the upper age limit for this procedure. This surgery is not recommended when pregnancy is planned. This procedure can be performed on men to a degree if the skin slack is more marked.

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